Monday, 9 September 2013

Really Weird

By Daniela Sacerdoti

A family story with a twist.  Mischievous fairies? Stranded mermaids? Smelly troll? Whatever your supernatural dilemma, email the Really Weird Removals company! Uncle Alistair invites Luca and Valentina to join his pest control business with a difference when he realises they can see the supernatural creatures.  But this unreal world is also packed with danger and secrets.


  1. This book was brilliant - a really exciting read that had me hooked from the beginning. The supernatural pests are sometimes funny, sometimes scary, but always fascinating. I especially liked the cat-eating troll!

    1. Oh dear , cat-eating troll this may not be a good book for FBA Cat Read - Atticus Claw by Jennifer Gray

  2. Even though I haven't read this book yet it sounds really fascinating!

  3. Really weird removals is the best fantastic book awards book I have read so far, it has an ordinary starting, an adventurous middle and an amazing twist at the end. This fantastic book includes Luca, his sister and Uncle Alistair going on a amazing journey with ghosts, trolls, vampires and loads more...