Group C

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The Gorgle
Operation Bunny
Tilly's Moonlight Fox
Fizzlebert Stump: The Boy who ran away from the circus (and joined the library)
A Medal for Leroy
The Secret Hen House Theatre


  1. It's FBA launch day at St. John's C.E. Primary in Burscough. The books are being given out this afternoon and Year 6, who are all taking part, are very excited.

  2. Mrs. Bryant, Librarian4 October 2013 at 10:55

    Well done to Alex (St. John's C.E. Burscough) who read 'The Gorgle' in one evening!

  3. Tillys Moonlight Fox is a good book for girls, some boys might like it too. I recommend it to girls more because it is all about this girl who has moved house and her mother is ill and is expecting another baby. I know that most girls like to play with babies. I hope people will like this book.

  4. Emma St john's20 October 2013 at 12:35

    Opperation bunny is a really good book, I reccomend it to boys and girls. I looks like a girls book but it really isn't!
    People will LOVE this book.

  5. The Gorgle is a great book its about a boy that moves to a house called Gulliver house and in his cupboard is a big, fat chrysalis that's the size of a sausage it is definitely the best book I have ever read. I would definitely recommend this book to Boys and Girls it's a brilliant book.
    Harvey year 5 brindle St Joseph's

  6. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! I didn't overly enjoy this book.A pointless story line with too many brackets (Far too many brackets).Who on earth wants to read about a whitless son of a clown.You don't know a thing as there is far too little detail (far too less detail!)

  7. I really enjoyed A medal for Leroy. What a powerful and moving book, the children loved it!

  8. School Library Service Team21 May 2014 at 02:26

    Operation Bunny has been voted this year's winner for Group C. Congratulations to author Sally Gardner. What fantastic news!