Monday, 9 September 2013

The Abominables

By Eva Ibbotson

Award-winning fantasy story from a famous children's writer. Readers are invited to join Agatha Farlinglam on an exciting journey with the family of yetis she has befriended. Together they escape via freezer lorry to a land where the yeti will be protected, far away from their homeland in the Himalayan Mountains. A funny moving adventure read.


  1. The Abominables is a humourous, adventure book with a great storyline! I thought it was brilliant because of the amount of different genres it includes. i.e humour, adventure ... I also like the character of the abomidables because this book shows them as nearly human, unlike how other people think of them as monsters! Overall this is a good book with a funny, if not strange, storyline. 8/10

  2. The Abominables is very very very humourous.If you like comedy books this is right up your street.I thoroughly recommend this book .